One of my teachers told me, “the Quran is Allah’s letter and conversation to you. If you find that you haven’t picked it up and read it in a while, think for a moment that Allah hasn’t invited you to talk to him. And ask yourself…why might that be?” Whenever I speak a with people who are struggling in their deen and iman, I ask what their relationship is like with the Quran, and the answer is always “not good.” If our bodies require food and drink to be nourished, our souls require Quran to be nourished. How can we do this? Watch here.

One of the purposes of fasting is to gain Taqwa (consciousness of God). This is due, in part, to the fact that fasting is of the rare forms of worship that is more easily kept secret than it is made public. Ramadan is like Taqwa-time, we find ourselves doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, during this month. How do we keep it up after Ramadan? And what is a simple litmus test to see if we’ve got Taqwa after the month is over? Let’s find out.

These last 10 nights only come once in a year! Everything else will be waiting for us when we get done - Netflix, XBOX One and PS4, the movies, even the gym. We’ve gotta try our best to harness and yield the power of these nights, pray to Allah now in lieu of all the times we’ve delayed and missed prayer, make dua and ask for all of the things we need and want, and repent for all of the times we’ve made mistakes both knowingly and unknowingly.

A smart person takes advantage of a limited time offer. These last 10 nights are a limited time offer. Which one of us will be smart?